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They started the company in 2018 after their experience living and working on a sustainable cannabis farm in Humboldt County, California.


This way of life inspired Andrea and Kevin and became the seed of an idea and a quest for a better life. They continue to search for this ideal lifestyle in Uruguay where they founded the YVY Wellness Centre.

As the founder couple continue to build an impact driven business and raise two young boys, they are constantly looking to improve their health, to be more in touch with nature and to find a healthy work-life balance. This is the essence of a “Life Better Lived”.

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We believe that the future is nature and nature is the source of our wellbeing.

Our mission is to help people find an intimate balance between their health, work and interaction with nature. This is the idea that inspires us at YVY and the essence of our brand: Life Better Lived.

YVY. Life Better Lived is an Uruguayan brand that comprises unique experiences and high-quality natural cannabis products.

The concept, "Life Better Lived" is the result of the journey that our co-founders, Kevin and Andrea have experienced as a couple, as entrepreneurs and now, as parents.

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