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We believe that the future is nature and nature is the source of our wellbeing. 


YVY. Life Better Lived is a Uruguayan brand that consists of unique experiences and high quality natural products. 


Our mission is to help people find an intimate  balance between their health, work and their interaction with nature.  

Parrilla en la tertulia
The iconic property La Tertulia used to belong toSusana Gimenez




The iconic property, La Tertulia is located in the heart of Garzon, the "Uruguayan Tuscany" just 45 minutes from Jose Ignacio, 25 minutes from Pueblo Garzon and 10 minutes from Uruguay's most famous winery, Bodega Garzon. 

Unwind at this stunning mansion which is surrounded by rolling hills and majestic nature. Take an early morning stroll on one of the many hiking trails surrounding the property, enjoy the views during the day, and gaze at the twinkling constellations under a cozy blanket during the nights.

It is perfect for extended families or groups of friends looking to be more present with each other while disconnecting from the bustling city life. Here, you will find peace, tranquility and a heightened level of relaxation and comfort.

The house is 800sqm and was built in harmony with the environment, on natural rock terraces. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large kitchen including a pizza oven, a spacious living room with recovered wood and a fireplace surrounded by native rocks, various patios with sensational views, a magnificent swimming pool and traditional Uruguayan BBQ / Parrilla.



The property is also available for events and experiences, which we organize with our own inhouse catering and other service providers.

Experiences are customized according to our clients needs and include catered meals, cannabis & other plants education, wellness activities and relaxation.

Current clients include hotel groups, corporate retreats, overseas delegations and private events.

Parties can also rent the property as is and organize their own event.


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